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Lynley’s Learning is a play-based learning-to-read resource for Parents, Tutors, Educators, Carers, Community Organizers and Humanitarians.

Play-Based Learning-to-Read English Education Resources


A solid foundation in reading makes studying all other subjects go more smoothly. Learning through play is proven to work in teaching all aspects of learning such as the alphabet, forming words, reading sentences and comprehension.


Which best describes you?

I’m a parent with young kids…

I want to help my kids learn!

I have young kids and am looking for help to bond with my kids while we learn together. I believe that learning by play is the best way to teach kids and am looking for useful resources to help then any way I can.

I’m an English Tutor…

I want effective results!

I am a professional English Tutor and I have experience in tutoring others in how to read and speak English. I believe that with the right resources and tools I can make any student an expert reader. I’m looking for tools to help my students.

I’m an Educator…

I want a better way to teach!

I’m in charge of finding the best possible resources for our students and know that learning through play is an effective way for my students to learn. I’m experienced in other methods of teaching and want to add to our learning resources.

I’m a Carer of Special Needs…

I want to help my friends!

I am a carer and work with those who have special needs. I understand the difficulties my students face and work towards building on their strengths and abilities. I want to see that those under my care are given the best opportunities in life.

I Serve the Community…

I want to serve my community!

I work in a community organization which gives support to those who need it. I’m always on the lookout for programs which are able to help others. I’m looking for education programs which I can help implement into the community for those who really need it.

I’m a Humanitarian…

I want to help the children!

I want to save the world, one person at a time. I know that literacy, education and learning is a key factor in the living standards and am looking for an effective way to educate and raise literacy on a large scale for the benefit of mankind.



Resources for YOU

I’m a parent with young kids

Learning tools for Mums and Dads

As parents we love to find new and exciting ways to engage with our children, while providing them with a good education in the process. Lynley’s play-based learning tools allows us to connect with them and create lasting memories.

With Lynley’s Learning home learning tools you build your child’s confidence and happiness in a healthy and loving environment.

Take part in their learning journey and give them the best possible chance of success.

I’m an English Tutor

Effective tools for English Tutors

As English Tutors we want to make sure our students get the results they are paying for. We want to see them understanding with certainty and winning while they learn English and learn to read.

Lynley’s Learning has been specifically designed to teach a student how to learn, read and speak English PERFECTLY. It is done on a gradient and in an interactive and enjoyable way to ensure your student never loses morale or misses key learning concepts.

Provide the best possible learning experience and get your students winning.

I’m an Educator

Programs for the Classroom

Teaching a classroom of kids can be a challenging but very rewarding and enjoyable experience. As an educator we want to ensure that all our students keep up and are learning the essential tools for future learning success. We take pride in the culture and vales which make us unique and want to build trust and safety for our students and community.

Lynley’s Learning has a range of play-based learning programs custom made for the classroom or group of students. We understand that not all schools and learning centers are the same and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ program when it comes to learning and teaching. It’s for this very reason we custom build a program specifically for each school or learning center.

I’m a Carer

Ways to help those with Special Needs

Being in care of someone is more than just teaching. It’s caring for them enough to see that they not only learn, but enjoy the process while they gain confidence and understanding.

Learning by play with Lynley’s Learning tools gives you the opportunity to teach them how to read in a context and environment they enjoy.

Anything is possible when we work together!

I help the Community

Support for the Community

Making a difference in the world starts locally. Where we live and work is the environment where our kids grow up. Providing those in need in our community makes the world a safer place for not only our kids but the community as well. With a solid foundation and love of learning we all have better chance of a successful and prosperous future.

Partner with us and make a brighter future for your community.

I’m a Humanitarian

Resources for Change

It’s no secret that there needs to be a change in the world. Having effective tools to help those in need can turn this around. Lynley’s Learning tools are designed to be implemented in areas in the world where there is no access to power or internet. All our materials can be done right out of the box with no further training. Once the student gets started the possibilities are endless!

Join with us in making a difference in the world!

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